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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Parallels 8.0 Mac in stock from PC Micro

Parallels 8.0 Mac retail box


New Features Include:

•Speak! Don’t Type!: Use Mountain Lion’s Dictation tool across both Windows and Mac
•Drag & Drop Email attachments: Simply Drag and drop files from the desktop onto the Doc Icons for Outlook or other Windows email clients
•Windows APPS on OS X "Launchpad": Add Windows apps to the Mountain Lion or Lion Launchpad to quickly launch Mac and Windows apps you use the most
•Enjoy Retina display Resolution with Windows apps to see crisper fonts, vivid photos, images and animations
•New Presentation Wizard makes presentations easier and interruption-free by disabling screensavers on Mac and Windows, optimizing full-screen display and automatically adjusting resolution
System requirement: OSX, 10.5.8 or later


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