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Monday, March 29, 2010

Now in stock. Windows 7: The Missing Manual

Windows 7: The Missing Manual
David Pogue
O'Reilly Media / Pogue Press
March 2010
O'Reilly Media / Pogue Press
Print Release:
March 2010
Print ISBN:


In early reviews, geeks raved about Windows 7. But if you're an ordinary mortal, learning what this new system is all about will be challenging. Fear not: David Pogue's Windows 7: The Missing Manual comes to the rescue. Like its predecessors, this book illuminates its subject with reader-friendly insight, plenty of wit, and hardnosed objectivity for beginners as well as veteran PC users.

Windows 7 fixes many of Vista's most painful shortcomings. It's speedier, has fewer intrusive and nagging screens, and is more compatible with peripherals. Plus, Windows 7 introduces a slew of new features, including better organization tools, easier WiFi connections and home networking setup, and even touchscreen computing for those lucky enough to own the latest hardware.

With this book, you'll learn how to:

* Navigate the desktop, including the fast and powerful search function
* Take advantage of Window's apps and gadgets, and tap into 40 free programs
* Breeze the Web with Internet Explorer 8, and learn the email, chat, and videoconferencing programs
* Record TV and radio, display photos, play music, and record any of these to DVD using the Media Center
* Use your printer, fax, laptop, tablet PC, or smartphone with Windows 7
* Beef up your system and back up your files
* Collaborate and share documents and other files by setting up a workgroup network


Windows 7 Digital Classroom by Wiley Publishing

Windows 7 Tweaks by Wiley Publishing

Windows 7 Secrets by Wiley Publishing

Teach Yourself Visually Windows 7 by Wiley Publishing

Windows 7 Bible

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


contains the following:

Bailey's Book House
Trudy's Time and Place House
Sammy's Science House
Thinking Things Toony The Loon's Lagoon
Millie's Math House

$10.95 EACH

contains the following:

Mighty Math Carnival Countdown
Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum
Zoombinis Island Odyssey
Reader Rabbit 1st Grade
Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade

$10.95 EACH

contains the following:

Thinking Things Collection 3: Galactic Brain Benders
Mighty Math Number Heroes
Mighty Math Calculating Crew
The Oregon Trail 5th Edition
Where in the World is Carmen San Diego

$10.95 EACH.

Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, XP (including Service Pack 1 or higher), Vista (including Service Pack 1 or higher), and Windows 7
Pentium 166MHz or higher
32 MB RAM or higher
2 GB to load all programs to minimum levels
16-bit video card, sound card, speakers, CD/DVD-ROM drive

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Macs For Seniors For Dummies

Macs For Seniors For Dummies
Mark L. Chambers
ISBN: 978-0-470-43779-7
360 pages

This price is valid for United States. Change location to view local pricing and availability.

Over 50 and thinking about getting your first computer? A user-friendly Mac is a great choice, and Macs For Seniors For Dummies walks you through choosing one and learning to use it. You won’t even need your grandchildren to help!

Macs For Seniors For Dummies introduces you to all the basic things you may not have encountered before—how to use the keyboard and mouse, work with files and folders, navigate around the Mac OS X desktop, set up an Internet connection, and much more. You’ll learn to:

* Choose the Mac that’s right for you, set it up, run programs and manage files, and hook up a printer
* Use all the programs that come with your Mac for creating documents and spreadsheets, playing movies and music, and more
* Surf the Internet with the Safari browser — safely
* Keep in touch with family and friends via e-mail
* Upload photos from your digital camera, edit and organize them with iPhoto, and share them by e-mail or as prints
* Play music with iTunes, put your favorite songs on a CD, or listen to online radio stations
* Use the Web to help plan trips, get maps, book hotels or RV campgrounds, or buy plane tickets
* Customize your Mac to make everything as easy and convenient as possible

Even if you’ve never used a computer before, Macs For Seniors For Dummies makes it really easy to make friends with your Mac. Before you know it, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get a computer!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back in stock The Little Mac Book, Snow Leopard Edition

* By Robin Williams
* Published Aug 27, 2009 by Peachpit Press. Part of the Little Book series.
o Copyright 2010
o Dimensions: 7 X 10
o Pages: 216
o Edition: 1st
o Book
o ISBN-10: 0-321-64691-6
o ISBN-13: 978-0-321-64691-6
* DEALER--------------------------------------------------------$11.99
* LIST-$19.95

Adopting a back-to-the-basics approach, this bestselling little Mac classic has been revised and overhauled to introduce users to Snow Leopard, Apple's newest version of its operating system. In the gentle, friendly, funny style that generations of computer users have come to know and love, author Robin Williams shows readers how to dive in and start working with the Mac and OS X Snow Leopard. This full-color little book walks readers through all of the key new features in Snow Leopard. Using straightforward, jargon-free explanations delivered in logical, easy-to-follow sections, Robin is a new user's personal guide, coaching and encouraging readers as they learn their way around the magic of the Mac.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

BitDefender Internet Security 2010 Standard - Windows OEM 1-User 1-Year OEM

BitDefender Internet Security 2010 Standard - Windows 1-User 1-Year
OEM priced at $20.00 each

Please note OEM edition is not for sale on a stand alone basis.


BitDefender Internet Security 2010 keeps your Internet-connected family safe, without slowing down their PCs. It locks out viruses, hackers & spam, while providing parental control and firewall protection. Manage the security of your home Network from a single location. BitDefender software from other Computers in the network can be remotely configured, while tasks such as scans, backups, tune-ups, and updates can be run on-demand or scheduled to run during off-hours. Hourly updates ensure that you are protected against the latest threats without pushing a button. Lost Program files are not a problem either. In the rare event of file damage due to PC problems, BitDefender automatically repairs and updates itself. Confidently download, share and open files from friends, family, co-workers and even total strangers. Scans all web, E-mail and instant messaging traffic for viruses and spyware in real-time
# Proactively protects against new virus outbreaks using advanced heuristics
# Shop, bank, listen, watch privately and securely
# Blocks attempted identity theft (phishing)
# Prevents Personal information from leaking via e-mail, web or instant messaging
# Guard your conversations with top-of-the line encryption
# File Vault securely stores personal information or sensitive files
# Connect securely to any network at home, in the office or away
# Automatically modifies firewall protection settings to suit location
# Wi-Fi Monitor helps prevent unauthorized access to your Wi-Fi network
# Blocks access to inappropriate websites and e-mail
# Schedules and limits kids' access to Internet and to applications
# Reduces the system load and avoids requesting User interaction during games
# Uses few system resources
# Family network protection
# System Requirements: Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (32/64 bit) or higher, 800-MHz or higher processor, 256MB RAM, 300MB free space, Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, and .NET Framework 1.1

Jay Johnstone
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vipre AntiVirus Premium keycode only has been released

What Is VIPRE Antivirus Premium?

Kiss Your Antivirus Bloatware Goodbye!

Is your antivirus software slowing down your PC? Ditch that old antivirus software and replace it with VIPRE: high-performance, next-generation antivirus + antispyware with an integrated firewall. VIPRE gives you powerful protection
against today's highly complex threats, and IS NOT a resource hog.

Compare VIPRE Antivirus and Premium
Compare VIPRE Antivirus and
VIPRE Antivirus Premium
What's New In The Premium version?
We have kept all the strong points of VIPRE antivirus + antispyware and we added a leading edge, super low-overhead 2-way firewall that supports all Windows flavors and works both on 32- and 64-bit Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It's so small you won't notice it is running. To make sure your PC is fully protected, we also added Intrusion Prevention, malicious link filtering and much more. This is all you need for your PC Internet Security, and with that you deserve better tech support.

VIPRE Is Antivirus Certified
The movies have their Oscars. Cars have the JD Power Awards. Antivirus products have their so-called 'VB100' Certification, awarded by the world's premier virus certification lab: Virus Bulletin. Only products that catch all the viruses they test for are getting the prestigious VB100 award. VIPRE is VB100 certified and confirmed to give you world-class quality in detecting and removing malware. VIPRE is also West Coast Labs Checkmark Anti-Virus Desktop certified, and continues to get additional certifications through other certifying bodies.

Virus Bulletin said in their VIPRE review (tested on Windows 7): "The WildList proved no obstacle despite the set of tricky Virut samples, and with no false positives either VIPRE earns a VB100 on its first appearance; we hope to see many more."

The Press Loves It
ZDNet said in their security blog about the VIPRE Antivirus + Antispyware (the one without firewall): "Sunbelt Software's VIPRE - I've finally found an antivirus package that delivers the goods. In a follow-up posting they did a performance shoot-out and concluded: "Sunbelt Software's claim that VIPRE doesn't hog system resources and doesn't slow down a PC isn't just marketing hyperbole but is actually true."

VIPRE Is The 'Porsche' Of Antivirus
A few words about our "best-of-breed" focus. We at Sunbelt are fanatics about performance. VIPRE Antivirus Premium combines antivirus, antispyware, a leading-edge 2-way firewall, anti-rootkit, and other advanced security technologies into a small, seamless, tightly-integrated product. You can see VIPRE as the "Porsche" of antivirus, it's got "everything you need, nothing you don't." We don't bog down your system with a lot of additional tools which may slow down your PC. Building VIPRE, we focused on the core functionality to provide you with the the best possible user experience. VIPRE has 96% customer satisfaction, our tech support is right here in the U.S., and VIPRE has the lowest surveyed customer infection rate of any AV vendor.

How much of your PC is being hijacked by antivirus bloatware ?
Over time, instead of writing new and better software, old-style antivirus companies have stacked layer upon layer of security engines on top of each other, (one for viruses, a second for spyware, a third engine for rootkits, a fourth for malicious web links and so on) and created bloatware in the process. They slow down your PC, have slow scan times and cause performance problems.

Why are hardware vendors pre-installing antivirus bloatware on your new PC, Laptop and Netbook?
Have you ever asked yourself why your PC or Laptop vendor would slow down their new machines on purpose by pre-installing software that can hijack up to 20% of your new PC's resources? Here is the dirty little secret of the industry: The big antivirus companies pay hardware vendors 7 or 8 bucks for every machine they pre-install antivirus bloatware on, hoping you will renew their software after the first few months free. It's time to uninstall those resource hogs and get VIPRE instead. It's simply a better product at a lower price. And you'll love your faster PC.

Thought you could rely on the free Windows firewall? Nope.
Unfortunately, the Windows firewall gives you a false sense of security. It only protects incoming traffic, and by default allows all outgoing traffic. That means outgoing browser traffic, which could contain your credit card info, social security number, bank accounts, passwords and other confidential information is not protected. The Windows firewall will let it all go out (in XP, Vista, and Windows7).

VIPRE: Weapons-grade 2-way Firewall Comes With Rottweiler
With the VIPRE Antivirus Premium version you get a 2-way desktop firewall, and additional, more advanced intrusion protection. See it like this. The firewall is like having all your doors and windows upgraded and equipped with new state-of-the art locks. But a burglar could throw a brick through the back window and wreak havoc inside. That's why people have burglar alarms, often with motion detectors. VIPRE's firewall is like your PC's new strong doors, windows and locks. But Internet traffic does need to get through, because you want to browse the web. So that is why VIPRE's advanced intrusion protection is there as a super burglar alarm that has the added benefit that it can stop an attacker in their tracks. Think 'Rottweiler in the house'. And if you just want a firewall and not worry about anything else, all you need to do is keep the firewall enabled in the default 'Simple Mode'.

Web Filtering Technologies:
VIPRE Antivirus Premium will look at all the web traffic that comes in and filters it for security. There are several features that protect you:
  • Ad blocking - Block malicious or third-party advertisements
  • Bad URL blocking – Bad website blocking
  • Anti-phishing - Blocks access to known phishing websites
  • Boot time firewall – To prevent malware from executing, the Boot Time feature limits access on your PC to only certain resources upon loading.

    Check out VIPRE against the competition
    Check out VIPRE against the competition
    Cutting-edge Proactive Protection
    Sunbelt's advanced security technology is famous for being in the front lines in the battle against new and unknown malware, known as 'zero-day threats'.

  • IMPROVED - VIPRE's Active Protection™ delivers real time monitoring and protection against known and unknown malware threats. Active Protection works inside the Windows kernel (the core of the operating system), watching for malware and stopping it before it has a chance to execute on your system. (Other anti-malware products allow the malware to run on your computer to try and watch for bad behavior which is less safe).
  • IMPROVED - MX-Virtualization™ analyzes malware in real-time, in a secured memory "lock box" that emulates Windows. MX-V fools the malware into thinking it has taken over your PC. MX-V allows VIPRE to observe how the malware behaves and kill it before it can harm your PC. MX-V technology is the safest way to protect against zero-day threats.
  • IMPROVED - VIPRE's Genscan™ and Cobra™ technologies are super efficient to determine if something is malware.

    Full Protection Against Email-borne Threats
    VIPRE includes comprehensive protection against email viruses, with direct support for Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail; and support for any email program that uses POP3 and SMTP. Microsoft Security Esssentials does not have this feature. And email is very often how malware comes in. You get what you pay for.

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    Wednesday, March 10, 2010


    Unexpectedly big sound from ultra-compact,
    self-powered speakers.

    The highly-reviewed Chill Pill Mobile Speakers are the perfect accessory for iPhone, iPod, MP3 player or Mac or PC. With outsized sound and a rugged design, Chill Pill Speakers will become an essential part of your digital traveling kit.
    • Listening to music while traveling, camping, or kicking it on the back porch.
    • Watching movies on a notebook computer
    • Listening to music in the office or at school.
    • Sharing audiobooks or podcasts.
    • Providing music or narration for Keynote, Powerpoint, and other presentations.

    • Two high-quality speakers are powered by a self contained battery.
    Interference free retractable cables.
    • Extra-wide sound stage.
    • Better sound reproduction and range than traditional laptop speakers.
    • Pop open the Chill Pill for even more resonant sound!
    • The Chill Pill has three different modes for traveling and listening to music, audiobooks, or podcasts.

    • The Chill Pill is enclosed in a rugged that protects the speakers, batteries and retractable cables.
    • Speakers magnetically click together for easy transport.
    • When stowed in travel mode, the Chill Pill is only 2” x 4”.
    • Perfect for desks with limited space.
    • Small enough to bring anywhere

    Rechargeable lithium ion battery provides six hours of playing time.
    • Can be charged from a computer’s USB port or via optional AC adapter (click here to see this)

    The Chill Pill has a one year limited warranty.
    Chill Pill Speaker Red part number CHI1149-$29.19

    Chill Pill Speaker Silver part number CHI1132-$29.19

    Chill Pill Speaker Black part number CHI1125-$29.19
    Coming this summer Chill Pill Speakers Blue.

    Chill Pill Speakers in Wired Magazine

    Wired Magazine picked the Chill Pill as a " Best Mobile Gizmo" for Holiday 2008.

    You will never catch us yawning at an airport gate. You won't find us desperately rereading the in-flight magazine, and we never ... ever ... cross the thresholds of hotel business centers. We are the quartermasters in the battle to stay connected, productive, and entertained — and we do not travel unprepared. As wired gadget editors, we make it our mission to see every new product. As avid gadget-fiends, we make damn sure that the best of them end up in our personal arsenals. This is our current must-have list, the gear we reach for whenever an eticket pops into our remotely accessible inbox."

    Chill Pill Mobile Speakers iPod/MP3 Players & Laptops - Red

    Chill Pill Mobile Speakers iPod/MP3 Players & Laptops - Red


    Tuesday, March 9, 2010

    CHILL PILL AUDIO CAR Tune FM Transmitter
    & Auto Charger
    CAR Tune FM Transmitter/Charger for iPod/iPhone

    Charge and listen to your iPod or iPhone on the go, using your car stereo. The CAR tune FM Transmitter and Auto Charger works with any iPod with dock connector or any iPhone.

    • Transmits on 12 frequencies
    • Easy, one touch preset buttons
    • 30-inch straight cable avoids tangles
    • Enjoy unlimited play time in your car
    • Uses Apple Dock connector to connect to iPod / iPhone
    • One-year warranty

    • All iPods with dock connector, including iPod nano, iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod video
    • Any iPhone

    part number CHI1606

    RapCap is a clever little microphone that makes it easy to record crisp, clear audio on compatible iPods and iPhones.
    Chill Pill RapCap Microphone for iPhone / iPod  (black)
    Chill Pill RapCap Microphone for iPhone / iPod (black)

    Record better audio with your iPhone or iPod with this clever little mic!

    part number CHI1217

    Featuring a durable, ultra-compact design and extreme simplicity of use, the RapCap will become an essential part of your digital lifestyle. Compatible with iPod nano 4G and 5G, iPhone 3G and 3GS, iPod touch 2G and 3G/Late 2009, and all iPod classic models.

    Stubbie USB Auto Adapter for iPod and iPhone
    Stubbie USB Auto Adapter for iPod and iPhone
    Low profile USB car charger for iPod and iPhone. Low profile design in perfect for auto power inputs (even hard-to-reach ones!) Two per package! USB to iPod / iPhone dock cable not included.
    part number CHI 1842


    Chill Pill Headphone Splitter
    part number CHI1873

    Chill Pill Ipod Cable
    (dock to USB)
    3 ft black
    part number CHI2291

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