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Monday, January 25, 2010

Art Text by Belight Software

Where text becomes an art

Art Text BoxshotWhere Text Becomes an Art

Art Text is a Mac OS X application for creating high quality textual graphics, headings, logos, icons, web site elements and buttons. Thanks to multi layer support creating complex graphics is no sweat. Use the result with Apple iWork, iWeb, Microsoft Office, BeLight applications, and various other text edit and web design programs.

Why use Art Text?

  • Headings and other text graphics created with Art Text will make business presentations catchy.
  • Attractive buttons and cool titles will make your web site look stylish and professional.
  • Various logos and icons can be easily created to enrich your brochures, flyers and postcards.

View The Samplr TourKey Features:

Creative Headings
Whether you're an advertising manager or a small business owner, you'll find Art Text to be a powerful tool. Create compelling text for your advertisements, brochures, letterheads, newsletters and more. Spice up these documents by designing decorative graphics that are sure to impress others.

Striking Web Buttons and Icons
If you're creating a website for a business or your personal needs, Art Text has all of the tools you need. The 245 editable materials and 600 supplied vector icons and shapes will give you a quick start to getting your site up and running, or create your own web graphics effortlessly with the help of multiple layers.

Unique LogosUnique Logos for Your Business
A logo often creates a strong association with your business in the minds of customers. You want your logo to make a statement. Design your company's logo right in Art Text and make it unique by taking advantage of 100 additional fonts and the large library of shapes included in the program.

Mac OS X Universal Logo

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System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later. Snow Leopard compatible.


Business Card Composer by Belight Software

Business Card Composer. Design and Print Excellent Business Cards.

Get the most of your business with new and amazing business cards!

Upgrade to Business Card Composer Boxed EditionNo matter your profession or interests may be, you communicate with people on a daily basis. Do they come back to you after the first meeting? Did you notice that business cards have the ability to bring back the memories about the people you met and how that happened?

We deliver you Business Card Composer — the complete solution for creating and printing excellent business cards, calling cards and badges.

When Business Card Composer helps you:

Sample Tour
  • For a trade show you can create custom business cards to reflect special events and promotions, or simply indicate your booth number.
  • Your phone or e-mail has changed, and you can't wait until your company makes new cards for you.
  • You need to create small runs of cards for temporary staff.
  • You have several jobs and want to have separate cards for each.
  • You want to create a nice card with your contact information to give to the people you meet day to day.

Features at a Glance:

Thousands of images and designs Diverse Content
Choose among over 24,000 high-quality images, nearly 740 professional designs and 100 additional fonts to create a nice-looking card quickly. A large collection of profession-oriented designs cover the most common occupations.

Powerful Editing
Powerful image editing tools A variety of editing tools let you create your own designs with ease. With the help of these tools you can apply over 100 masks, Linear and Radial gradient fills, tiling, control transparency and shadows. Smart guides help to position elements accurately and precisely. Design both the front and back sides of your card if needed, and switch between the Background and Foreground layers to create and edit intricate designs.

Mac OS X IntegrationMac OS X Integration
Business Card Composer integrates with applications such as Address Book, iPhoto and Aperture. The ability to replace images automatically, import data from the text files and capability to numerate cards make this program great for creating badges.

Cutting-Edge Technologies
Google MapsGoogle Maps integration helps you to provide exact directions by marking your business location in Google Maps and placing the map image on your card.

Business Card Composer also allows you to present any information on the card in the form of a 2D barcode, which can be read by many mobile devices. A plug-in included with this program provides the ability to take a picture of such barcodes using a camera, like the iSight.

Advanced printingAdvanced Printing
Choose between three printing methods to find the one that better fits your needs. You can either print cards for yourself, print one design for several people, or even print multiple designs on one sheet. Card stock from Avery and other popular vendors is supported, as well as custom paper layouts. Or, prepare your card design for printing online or in a print shop.

Kinds of Business Cards

Mac OS X Universal Logo

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later. Snow Leopard compatible.


Jay Johnstone
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Belight Software Disc Cover for the MAC

Disc Cover

Disc Cover - Discover Labeling Wonderland

Disc Cover Version 2Disc Cover — dress up your music and photos

Imagine neat long rows of beautiful CDs and DVDs on your shelf. Envision unique disc labels reflecting your personal style as well as bright and inspiring music and photo collections. Sure you'd love to enjoy them for years. Now with Disc Cover, decorating your music and video has never been so easy or exciting!

Disc Cover is a slick and intuitive Mac OS X software for creating CD/DVD labels, cover art and more. A variety of professionally made designs give you a quick start. This program imports data and images from iTunes, iPhoto, Finder, iDVD and many other sources. You can easily experiment with styles and graphic tools. Disc Cover will serve to bring you more and more design ideas.

Sample TourDisc Cover will help you to:

  • Arrange your music collection in a creative way.
  • Create beautiful-looking family photo albums.
  • Organize and label your data backup archives.
  • Label your presentations or clients' portfolios.
  • Personalize DVD movies and home videos.

If you also want to create and print either business cards, flyers, catalogs, address or shipping labels, Disc Cover is likewise available in Printfolio suite.

Key Features:

SampleDisc Labels and Covers
Disc Cover sparks your creativity with 250 professionally designed templates and backgrounds, a collection of 24,000+ images, and 30+ photo collages. You can apply more than 100 unique masks, fill text blocks with colors, easily handle transparency and circle text, and insert your own pictures in various supported formats. The Background and Foreground layers serve to implement the advanced design ideas.

Sophisticated Import
This software integrates with Apple iTunes, Aperture, iPhoto and iDVD libraries, which allows you import text info and images directly onto your design. You can use various data (playlists, track titles and albums) from Finder, music CDs or tab-delimited text files. Various customizable formats give you the opportunity to choose which information is shown on the disc (file or track name, album, duration, artist, etc.). Many prepared text templates are supplied.

Printing Capabilities
Printing Capabilities Disc Cover prints all types of design elements: CD/DVD covers, labels, tray inserts, folded booklets, mini disc labels, VHS wraps, etc. This application has an extended library of label and paper layouts from the most popular manufacturers such as Avery, Neato, Memorex and others. Advanced printing technology supports direct-on-disc printing. You are guaranteed to receive high-quality output on most inkjet and laser printers.

LightScribe Logo
Labelflash Logo

Disc Cover supports advanced LightScribe, Labelflash™ and DiscT@2 technologies, which allows you to burn labels directly onto CDs and DVDs. There is no ink, no smudging, and no peeling with burned labels, as they are laser-etched and absolutely pure. Learn more about

Mac OS X Universal Logo

Jay Johnstone
PC Micro
3042 Remington Avenue
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410-889-1000 local
410-889-1032 fax

System Requirements:Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later. Snow Leopard compatible.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Drive Genius version 2.2.1 by Prosoft in stock!

Prosoft Drive Genius v. 2

Drive Genius 2, is the best hard drive utility on the Mac platform- Defrag, DriveSlim™, Repartition-on-the-fly and Clone are only a few of the award-winning features of Drive Genius 2. Recently awarded the Editor's Choice award from MacLife Magazine, Drive Genius 2 is used by Apple at the Genius Bar as part of the ProCare Yearly Tune Up.

Drive Genius 2 now includes DriveSlim™, the fastest, easiest and safest way to get more out of your hard drive. This new feature helps you to get the most out of your Macintosh by identifying unnecessary files that are clogging and filling up your hard drive. Reclaim space on your hard drives for files that you really use and need.

Defrag Drive Genius 2 is the best disk utility for the Mac platform. A brand new user interface, DriveSlim™, Disk defrag, Directory Repair and Repartition on-the-fly are only a few of the award-winning features of Drive Genius 2. Optimize your drive with Drive Genius 2. Yes, this is the same product used by Apple at the Genius Bar to defrag your drive!*

*Part of ProCare Yearly TuneUp

Traditionally, hard drive maintenance and management has been difficult, time-consuming and confusing. In many cases people skip these critical activities — sometimes leading to disaster. Thankfully, Drive Genius 2 makes these tedious tasks painless, fast and easy.


  • Mac OS 10.4.9 or newer
  • 256mb RAM Minimum
  • 1.0GHz processor minimum

Boot-disc Requirements:

  • DVD drive
  • PowerPC G4 (867 Mhz or faster), G5, or Intel processor
  • 512mb RAM Minimum

RAID Drives Not Supported

Current Shipping Version: 2.2.1



Free up more space on your hard drive with Duplicate Files Search, Large Files Search, Language Support Removal and Universal Binary slimming... More
Stop prying eyes with DoD compliant (5220.22 - m) secure erase. Removes all traces of data from free space and deleted data on any drive or OS X volume.
Get the most speed and efficiency possible by optimizing your hard drives.
Make sure your hard drive performance is what it should be with comprehensive speed tests and graphical comparisons to other common configurations.
Quickly fix corruption and errors to get your damaged drive up and running fast.
In-depth report of specifications and space utilization of all drives or OS X volumes.
Repartition On-The-Fly
Add, delete, hide, expand or shrink OS X partitions so you can organize your drive more efficiently.
Verify your hard drive's reliability with a complete suite of non-destructive read verification tests for any drive or OS X volume.
Fast and easy volume or entire drive cloning.
Easy, high level OS X formatting to prepare new hard drives for use on your computer.
Integrity Check
Find problems before they find you with these comprehensive hardware verification tests.

Jay Johnstone
PC Micro
3042 Remington Avenue
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410-889-1000 local
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Sector Editor
Fine tune all aspects of your system with direct, advanced byte viewing and editing of all data on your drives, volumes and files (for expert users